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If you have a teenage driver at home, or employee drivers at work, you will want to consider installing an Oregon interlock device on every vehicle for which you are responsible.

Although ignition interlock devices are often ordered by the courts after a DUI conviction, an increasing number of drivers are installing Oregon interlock devices on a voluntary basis. The best reason for you to do the same is in order to keep everyone who drives your vehicles safe. You might have rules against drinking and driving – for your kids or your employees – but enforcing them is another matter. The Smart Start of Oregon interlock device lets you do this with very little hassle and intrusion.

Parents of teenage and young adult drivers are leading the way in the voluntary installation of ignition interlock in Oregon. An ignition interlock device is a smart kind of insurance policy for parents of high school and college-age drivers; it guarantees that the car won’t be driven if the driver has been drinking.

Many auto insurance companies will lower premiums for the voluntary use of an ignition interlock in Oregon, which is good news for anyone with a younger (and often expensive) driver on an insurance policy. Regardless of whether your younger driver has already demonstrated unsafe behavior behind the wheel or the device is intended purely as a preventative measure, an Oregon interlock device can provide unparalleled peace of mind.

Employers can also benefit enormously from the voluntary use of an ignition interlock in Oregon. Installing ignition interlock devices in company vehicles will guarantee that drivers don’t exceed a certain breath alcohol content and may also lower your company insurance premiums. Voluntarily using an Oregon interlock device is particularly useful for taxi and limousine companies and delivery and cargo services, but any employer who wants to ensure safety for all employees can benefit.

Finally, even if an ignition interlock device hasn’t been ordered by the courts, voluntarily installing one can be enormously beneficial if you are a driver facing an Oregon DUI charge. The voluntary installation of an ignition interlock in Oregon may help you to negotiate a favorable plea bargain or facilitate your release from custody while the case is being resolved.

An ignition interlock device can also be extremely helpful in court cases that do not involve a crime. For example, in divorce or family-court cases, voluntary use of an ignition interlock in Oregon can ensure that a child isn’t endangered by a drinking driver.

In any case where there is an allegation of drinking and driving, an ignition interlock device can protect the safety of everyone who rides in a vehicle. Smart Start of Oregon is the industry leader in Oregon interlock devices, and one of our friendly associates is ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will get you started quickly and affordably. We will take care of you – and everyone you want to protect while they are behind the wheel.

More and more individuals are voluntarily using ignition interlock devices to separate drinking from driving and make Oregon roads safer for everyone. If you’re concerned about drunk driving or would like to learn more about Oregon interlock devices, please contact Smart Start of Oregon today at 1-888-368-2889. We can schedule an appointment and direct you to the nearest Smart Start of Oregon installation center. Or if it is more convenient, our new Mobile Service can come to you. Contact us today!

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