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If you have been arrested for drunk driving, the first thing you need to do is get a lawyer. An Oregon DUI attorney can help you navigate the complex world of OR DUI laws and assist you in figuring out what your best options are.

You deserve the best, most experienced representation possible. Finding an Oregon DUI lawyer can be tricky, but there are resources available to help you find your way through the many OR DUI laws to the right attorney to fit your needs.

An experienced Oregon DUI lawyer will be by your side throughout the stressful and sometimes confusing process to come. He or she will help you deal with the court, which will likely allow you to have an Oregon interlock breathalyzer installed in your vehicle. An Oregon car breathalyzer will allow you to drive your car even though you have been arrested for drunk driving. That means you can keep going to work or school and keep up with your many responsibilities. A well-qualified Oregon DUI attorney – one who knows the in and outs of OR DUI laws – can help you achieve this solution.

Along with working as part of your criminal case, an Oregon interlock breathalyzer can also be used to reinstate your driver’s license with the DMV. The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles offers the opportunity for some drivers to get their licenses back if they have an Oregon interlock breathalyzer installed in their vehicles. The DMV allows approved Oregon interlock breathalyzers such as those offered by Smart Start of Oregon.

Your Oregon DUI lawyer can help you with this DMV process as well. Getting your license back by having a Smart Start of Oregon interlock breathalyzer installed in your car will get you back on the road and back to living your life.

Another consequence of a drunk driving arrest or conviction is the possibility of higher car insurance premiums. Auto insurance companies might see you as an increased risk, and raise your car insurance premiums accordingly. By having your Oregon DUI attorney help you get an Oregon interlock breathalyzer, you can show your insurance company that you are taking serious steps to lessen that risk, that you are following OR DUI laws and that you are taking responsibility for your actions. This could lead to more affordable car insurance for you.

With the hectic pace and the worries that are a major part of your life right now, you need someone who knows the OR DUI laws and who is working only for you. An Oregon DUI attorney can do that, and so can Smart Start of Oregon. We will install your Oregon interlock breathalyzer quickly, and our many locations throughout the state make keeping your monthly service appointments easy. We are the most convenient and affordable option out there, because we know there are many demands on your time and your money.

Find an Oregon DUI attorney today, and get started on getting this issue resolved. You’ll be back on the road in no time!

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