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There is no more advanced Oregon alcohol interlock technology on the market today than what you get from Smart Start of Oregon. Our state-of-the-art OR ignition interlock device is small, discreet, convenient and affordable. Get your Oregon alcohol interlock from the national leader in ignition interlocks – Smart Start of Oregon!

The Smart Start SSI-1000, SSI-20/20 & SSI-20/30 Oregon alcohol interlock uses the same technology employed by police officers investigating drunk driving cases. It records an accurate measure of your breath alcohol level, and if you are within the set limits, your car will start and you’ll be on your way!

Our alcohol-specific units do not register spicy food, gum or previously-smoked cigarettes, so you never have to worry that eating such things or smoking beforehand will cause the OR ignition interlock device to record a failed test. Don’t believe the myths that say otherwise!

Smart Start’s OR ignition interlock device will not affect your car’s performance (except for allowing the starter to start the car after a successful test). It uses only one-half an amp when preparing for a breath test, and a mere one-fourth amp when not in operation. This will not affect any car battery that is in proper condition. A Smart Start of Oregon alcohol interlock also has its own backup lithium battery, which preserves all data in case the unit is somehow disconnected from the car.

A Smart Start of Oregon alcohol interlock gives you two chances to pass a breath test. In case you fail the first test – if you use alcohol-based mouthwash just before blowing into the device, for example – the OR ignition interlock device will go into a short lock-out period and then let you try again.

Our OR ignition interlock device comes with other benefits as well. It comes with an automatic reminder in case you miss your monthly service appointment, which is mandatory so that your Oregon alcohol interlock can be calibrated and its data downloaded by our trained technicians. The SSI-1000, SSI-20/20 & SSI-20/30 will alert you with either a flashing light or audible tone that your scheduled appointment has passed. You will need to get to the nearest Smart Start service center as quickly as possible to ensure that the SSI-1000, SSI-20/20 or SSI-20/30 does not go into lockout mode.

The Smart Start of Oregon alcohol interlock’s small size makes our unit discreet. About the size of a cell phone, it is not a bulky box that can be easily seen by passersby. Your privacy is very important to Smart Start!

Our OR ignition interlock device is tamper proof, so you know that the data stored in the device is safe, and your responsible behavior is accurately recorded so that it can be forwarded to the appropriate monitoring authorities. Only a specially trained Smart Start technician using our proprietary methods can access the data in an OR ignition interlock device.

Our advanced technology makes Smart Start of Oregon truly your best choice for an OR ignition interlock device. Contact Smart Start of Oregon today at 1-888-368-2889 with any questions you may have about Oregon alcohol interlock devices. Our friendly representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to schedule your installation appointment or direct you to the nearest Smart Start service center.

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