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If you were arrested on Oregon for DUI, you may have been ordered to install an alcohol monitoring system.  Most alcohol monitoring devices are installed in your car – they are called ignition interlock devices.  However, Smart Start of Oregon has a new device for those of you with no car – an in-home alcohol monitoring device.  This in-home alcohol monitoring device is the easiest way to comply with the court order even if you don’t own a car.

This alcohol testing device by Smart Start of Oregon is called the Smart Start In-Hom unit.  This device is convenient, affordable and simple for you if you have been ordered to undergo alcohol monitoring.   The device is small and inconspicuous.  In addition, taking the monitoring tests couldn’t be easier.   After you are ordered to have the alcohol monitoring device in your home, you will need to make an appointment at one of our nearby locations.  You will go to the service center, pick up a device and learn how to use it at the first appointment.

After you take the device home, you will plug it into an outlet.  Occasionally, the device will request that you take a test.  (Test frequency is programmed and determined by your monitoring authority – typically a judge or probation officer.) You simply blow into the device and wait for the results.  The entire process takes less than one minute.  All this from the convenience of your home! Going away for awhile?  The alcohol testing device goes with you!  All you need is an electrical outlet.  No other power source is required.

Maintenance of the device is simple, too.  You will take the device back to the service center once per month for calibration.  These appointments can be made with your schedule in mind and will take about an hour or so.

Worried about false positives and others blowing into the device?  Don’t be.  Smart Start of Oregon In-Hom device uses the same, state-of-the-art technology that is used in our ignition interlock devices.  Our fuel cell technology results in fewer false positives and fewer technical difficulties overall.  Also, our alcohol testing system comes equipped with a camera, which allows for positive photo identification.  Each time you take a test your picture will be taken, proving to the court and other monitoring bodies that you are complying with court orders. Finally, we’re happy to announce that the Smart Start of Oregon In-Hom device comes at an affordable price.  In fact, it’s the same price as our ignition interlock device!

If you were arrested for DUI and required by the courts to have alcohol monitoring, the Smart Start of Oregon In-Hom alcohol testing device is a perfect fit for your life.  Never again will you have to disobey court orders just because you don’t have a car or a driver’s license.  With the convenience of in-home testing, affordable pricing and low maintenance – why would you ever use any other alcohol monitoring device?

Features of the Smart Start of Oregon In-Hom alcohol monitoring device:

• Positive identification – our camera unit will show your monitoring authority that you’re complying by the rules.

• Portable – take it anywhere. All you need is an electrical outlet; no phone line required.

• Affordable – the In-Hom device is the same price as the ignition interlock device.

• Simple to use – just plug in the alcohol testing device and blow when requested.

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