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An ignition interlock device is a breath testing instrument that is attached to a vehicle to prevent driving while intoxicated. Smart Start interlock ignition devices are designed to blend into the steering panel of your car, so they do not stand out or draw unnecessary attention. Our interlock ignition devices are about the size of a mobile phone. The unit is connected to your vehicle ignition system. Once the unit is attached, you simply exhale into the ignition interlock device to offer a breath sample whenever you plan on driving. The car breathalyzer will measure your breath alcohol level (BrAC) to ensure that it is below 0.05%. If you are within the acceptable range, your car will start and you can continue on your way. If you are above the limit, your car will not start. You can try again later when you are in a safer BrAC range. It’s like having a best friend looking out for you whenever you drive!

Interlock ignition devices continue to monitor your safety on the road as well. Once you are driving, your ignition interlock device will periodically ask for breathe samples to ensure that you are still below the BrAC limit. This is called a “rolling test.” You are given a few minutes to perform the test, so it will not interfere with your safety on the road. You can breathe into the interlock ignition device while you are driving without even taking your eyes off the road, or just pull over in a safe place. The test takes less than a minute. Rolling tests can not cause your engine to shut down but they will record a fail in your device’s computer system if you are above the limit.

Smart Start of Oregon is the Smart Choice

Smart Start of Oregon understands that getting a DWI can be a devastating and deeply emotional time. We work with people in your situation every day. Our friendly and informative professionals are here to help you move forward with your future as a safe driver. We have the tools and the knowledge to ensure that you stay in compliance with Oregon State driving laws every time you get behind the wheel.

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