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Along with everything else you have to deal with if you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, there is the possibility that you could lose your auto insurance.

Fortunately, if you have had an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle, it could help your DUI auto insurance rates. Some Oregon DUI insurance companies take the installation of an ignition interlock as a sign that you are committed to doing the right thing and serious about complying with all Oregon drunk driving laws.

There is a source for Oregon DUI insurance that can help you find new DUI auto insurance coverage. DUIautoinsurance.com can quickly and affordably point you toward insurance companies that specialize in DUI auto insurance.

Difficult To Find Insurance

When drivers have a drunk driving arrest or conviction on their records, many major insurance carriers will either cancel their coverage or raise their insurance premiums significantly. They consider the risk of insuring such drivers to be too great, and they will not provide affordable DUI auto insurance. But if you find a Oregon DUI insurance company – one that specializes in covering people in your situation – you can keep your car insured and keep yourself on the road.

Even if you are not legally required to have an ignition interlock device in your vehicle as part of your court case, voluntarily installing one could make the difference with a DUI auto insurance company. Oregon DUI insurance companies might look at such a device as proof that you are taking responsibility and that your risk as a DUI auto insurance client is less than a driver who has chosen not to install an ignition interlock.

How Ignition Interlocks Can Help

Smart Start of Oregon one of the very few ignition interlock vendors approved by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. Our DUI ignition interlocks satisfy any legal requirements the courts might place on you because of your drunk driving case, and our devices also meet the criteria the DMV requires in order for it to reinstate your driver’s license.

Even if your court case doesn’t require you to have an ignition interlock, getting one of our DUI ignition interlocks installed in your vehicle can make a big difference in your quest for DUI auto insurance. Oregon DUI insurance companies will consider your Smart Start ignition interlock when deciding whether you are a good candidate for a DUI auto insurance policy. Your Smart Start ignition interlock could make the difference between getting your car insured or being denied the coverage you need to drive legally in Oregon.

It’s just as important to find a good DUI auto insurance policy as it is to find a good ignition interlock company. Smart Start of Oregon is committed to being the best choice for you. We have service centers located throughout Oregon and the Tri-State area in order to serve you. Contact Smart Start of Oregon at 1-888-368-2889. Our trained representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take your questions and schedule your appointments.

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